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Let's talk about a traveler, a virtual globetrotter that has the abilities to travel through time and space, a super hero that uses his powers to travel through galaxies and dimensions and uses the experiences to create new and exciting music.

The man with those superpowers is a Swiss maverick, a sound-designer and music nerd who figured out by accident that his extensive gear collection does not only serve the purpose of polishing his musical visions but also helps him to send him off on far and adventurous trips to the most exotic places and to the historically most influent times.

GRAMMY nominated Christian Beat Hirt, born in the year when Supertramp had their breakfast in America and Israel and Egypt agreed to a truce, the genius who made human teleportation and time travels possible, is PASSENGER 10. He always travels on the aisle, never on the window, he never sleeps, doesn’t need to eat and he never gets distracted by the disbelievers and haters – He is on a mission.

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